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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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studio. >> chocolate chip mint green. >> howard's forecast at 6:00 a.m. >> a mint green afternoon and weekend. >> love it. >> really nice as we head through mid november almost now. we are going to change, though. it won't last forever but we will take it while we have got it. another sunny day. chilly this morning. 38 in town. 2 as in some suburbs with 45 by 9:00. well to the 50s by noon and we will make it above 60 here and by 6:00 p.m. 54. light winds have allowed the temperatures to drop off. this morning we have readings in the 20s in cumberland. we are at 38 degrees. angie is here with the time saver traffic. >> no major tieups to tell you about outside of the beltway. on 95 northbound as we move to virginia -- or we will take it outside and show you the drivers are moving at speed but
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volume is picking up at the prince william parkway. okay approaching the mixing bowl. back to the maps. this time the focus is on 66 eastbound. tracking the green cars and watching more volume pick up outside between 50 and 123. inside the beltway at fairfax drive, that's where we have a report of new crash activity. quick check on the travel times on the outer loop. only ten minutes from 95 to 270. 95 southbound doing fine to the beltway and dc 295 no problems to report heading to the 11th street bridge. still ahead at 6:11. we will fly 50 westbound in realtime. now, back to you. at the top of the hour, we are following a developing story. the person shot in northeast washington has died. this happened just after 3:00 this morning at 11th and galloway street near fort circle park. police have are on the lookout for two suspects in a gray
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chevy tahoe. look at the stories happening today. today is one of the first christmas mailing deadlines believe it or not. get to the post office today to send packages to military personnel who are serving overseas if you do it by parcel post if you want to get it there by december 25th. it is the cheapest way to get your gift there. a concert in morgantown, wave were to kill the miners killed in april. it is for rtm, remember the miners. at tysons corner center, a justin beiber buyout. 100 fans will move store to store buying everything with the teenager pop star's image on it and all the merchandise will be donated to the ainova fairfax hospital for the holiday season. police are staying vigilant. >> they are looking for two men wanted for suspicious activity. kristin fisher is live to tell us how the men got the police '
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attention. >> we have pictures of how these men got police's attention. before i show you it i want to point out they are not accused of any crime or any wrongdoing. right now metro simply wants to know who they are and what they were doing. you can understand why. keep in mind, this comes at a time of increased terrorist activity around the world and less than a month after a northern virginia man was arrested for allegedly plotting to bomb four metro stations in arlington. with that said, let's look at these pictures. here it is. this is a shot of the two men that metro employees are on the lookout for. it was taken by a metro rider who saw them acting "suspiciously. " according to an internal memo, metro says -- last
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night's metro's chairman of the board said as of now there is no indication of any specific threat. he says metro is circulating the pictures to be cautious. he also points out this was never intended to be released publicly. it was only intended to be released among metro employees, but still that does not change the question that right now metro is trying to figure out who are these men and what were they doing? scary stuff. back to you. >> thank you. but one thing i want to ask you, is this really unusual for metro to give out this be on the lookout alert or something that happening all the time. >> it doesn't happen all the time. actually yesterday we spoke to the chairman hoff the board peter benjamin and he said he cannot remember a lookout like this being issued since he's been on board at metro, but keep in mind, metro, police,
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the media, they have been urging all metro riders to be especially on the lookout ever since the arrest was made three weeks ago for the man who was allegedly accused of trying to bomb four metro stations in arlington. that encouragement for metro riders to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, that may have something to do with this, as well. >> thank you for clearing that up. the 14th street bridge is back to normal this morning. that wasn't the case last night, though. this is what it looked like on southbound 395 after a tour bus caught fire. it was carrying vietnam war veterans here for a reunion. one of the vets noticed the fire on the back of the bus. he alerted the driver. everyone was able to get out safely. while you slept, president obama left south korea for the next stop on his asia tour. >> he touched down in tokyo a few minutes ago. a few hours ago he wrapped up the g-20 economic summit in
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seoul. world leaders were arguing whether the united states and china are manipulating their currencies and the affect it could have on the global economy. the president also talked about the bush era tax cuts on high earners. he said he is keeping those in place -- he said keeping those in place will cost too much. >> to pay for tax breaks for folks like me, who don't need them, and where i'm least likely to spend that money and circulate it in the economy, that's probably not a great approach. >> reporter: the president said he is willing to is discuss a temporary extension of those cuts, though. it is six after the hour. time for your money approach. let's go to jessica doyle in the web center. good morning. >> today we are bringing you the best ways to save on travel. kiplingers best list has three websites to look at before booking your next vacation. we will head to the web computer. first is
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the las vegas strip. three nights airfare from dulles at $339 a person, december or january travel but you need to book by november 16th. finally check out for a fare sale for flights out of bwi. they are good between december 1 as and february 9th. you can fly on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and saturday. but this one you have to act fast on because these deals will end by tonight. back to you. >> thank you. now a story that has a lot of you talking. a proposal to actually start charging admission fees at the smithsonian. >> the president's deficit reduction commission is recommending the museums get less federal fund and to make up for that it suggests charging you to visit the museums. >> it will be $7.50 per visitor. the smithsonian has been free since it opened in 1846 average a lot of you are leaving your
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thoughts on our facebook page. one writes -- leave your comments by visiting 9. nine minutes after 6:00 this friday. howard has a check on the forecast in 90 seconds. it is time for food drive nine. a look at the donations you can make to the capital area food bank. creating a database for arlington national cemetery. what motivated a 15-year-old to do this on his own? and next, an a.d.d. misdiagnosis. how doctors often get it confused with an eye problem. coming up on 6:10.
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thank you for watching this morning.
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welcome back. we are in the 20s and 30s. grab the jacket. noontime in the upper 50s to around 60 an we will be coming home with clear skies and 57. angie? >> right now we are traveling 50 westbound from the eastern shore looks like an easy ride
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past annapolis to inside the beltway. still ahead at 6:17, the latest on the northeast dc road closures due to police investigation. now, over to you. 6 is 2 now. just -- 6:12 now. how much of a nightmare a vacation it was is relative but all of those on the stranded cruiseship are now back on ground. it took several hours for all 3300 passengers to get off the carnival splendor. the ship was without power for at least three days at sea. people did praise the crew for grace under pressure. well, no major breakthroughs in the latest round of middle east peace talks. secretary of state hillary clinton met with netanyahu in new york. talks have been on hold since september. 200 people are dead following the eruption of mount merapai in indonesia. there is good news, geologists think the volcano maybe finally
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done erupting. an eye disorder called convergence insufficiency makes it difficult for children to read or do class work for long periods of time. >> in some cases they can be misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorder. anita brickman tells us how a little eye therapy for kids with this condition go a long way. >> practice makes perfect. >> says carly's dad and she practices her eye exercises every night. the third grader has convergence insufficiency disorder and working to train her eye muscles because they don't work together when she focuses on things up close. >> we start with biofeedback activity. can the child just move their eyes to one side or the other so they can feel where their eyes are pointing. from there we move on to activities to build up convergence, which is getting
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the eyes together. >> reporter: developmental optometrists say most kids show improvement within a few months but to get the best results it has to be a combination of therapy at the clinic and activities at home. >> it is more of a game form than them saying just do this. >> reporter: ava is keeping up with her exercises at home. her mom is impressed how the therapy works. >> i think it is incredible that you can actually control all of these little muscles in your eyes that we never think about. but it is possible to teach them to work together and work in a different way. >> reporter: and pearly's dad is blown away by the outcome. >> it has been night and day. she works so much better in school. she concentrates better. she has so much better an attitude. the best way to describe it, night and day. >> reporter: anita brickman, 9 news now. >> some kids with the condition also use glasses, but they
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usually don't solve the problem. they just relieve some discomfort. >> she learned a lot of insurances don't cover the therapy sessions. you can have physical therapy on any other part of your body but not your eyes. >> the cost can run between 125 and $300 per session. >> some re-education needs to be done on what can be relieved through physical therapy. >> good stuff. well wto it. helping those children for the rest of their lives right there. weather wise it has been great this week. it will continue to be great today an through the weekend. next week, though, we will have some changes. it will be cooler and rain around. let's just enjoy the nice friday forecast. the bus stop forecast, grab the jackets this morning. you know the routine, it is cold early and mild this afternoon. some areas too the 20s. most in the 30s and the lucky ones in the 40s this morning. sun is up at 6:47 and sets 4:57
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this afternoon. our day planner for today, 8:00 temperatures still chilly in the lower 40s. by noon in the upper 50s. the dry air that cools off so quickly at night warms up quickly during the day too. winds from the north at five to ten miles an hour. 60ish at 4:00 p.m. we will crack the 60-degree mark. 62, 63 should be the high here in washington and at 89:00 we are -- 8:00 we are down to 51. 40sin the suburbs. keep that in mind if you are going out tonight. 28 gaithersburg. lou anne in annapolis called in, 42 degrees. winchester is 29. martinsburg 29. frederick 25. manassas down to 23. you are going to see how quickly that warms up once the sun comes out. calm winds thanks to high
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pressure overhead. out west we see a front in the midwest but it is stationary now. it will be slow to move off to the east. eventually it will get here but it will take several days. high pressure in the short term will kind of block everything from heading this way. going out to minneapolis for the weekend, grab the rain gear and a jacket. wet and some snow may mix in. eventually the system moves this way. but even by sunday morning just getting to ohio and kentucky and tennessee. we will be in fine shape for the weekend. football tonight, grab the jackets, maybe the throws. good luck to the playoff teams as temperatures will be falling in to the 40s and the next few days,, by the way, for the action -- look like this. 62 today. 68 beautiful days on saturday. sunday 66. on monday, 59 with a late shower possibling, but rain by tuesday. let's get the time saver traffic. >> thank you, howard. rite now we want to take you to the scene of northeast dc.
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the scene of a fatal shooting investigation. it is at fort circle park. 1100 block of hamilton right now is closed because of this. galloway is shut down between eastern avenue and 8th street. you want to use hamilton street as the alternate this morning looks like the police presence will be out there for quite sometime. move over to the realtime graphics and show you we have no other real major tieups to report at this time. taking a look at the district roads we move outside to 16th and columbia road. all lanes are wide open as you head south to the district. things are moving well. to the maps, 495 in virginia. you are doing okay on the inner and outer loop. from the wilson bridge making your way up to 95, continuing to 66, and the american legion. going other to our realtime graphics and showing you the travel times on the outer loop, a ten minute drive from 95 to 270. 66 in the green and 95
6:19 am
southbound no problems to report getting down to the beltway. in the next traffic report at 6:24, a live look at south capitol street. back to you. there's another chance this weekend for you at home to help families in need. it's our annual food drive 9. >> thousands of you received plastic bags in the mail last week, and we want you to fill them up with nonperishables and leave them outside tomorrow morning. the boyscouts will pick them up. the donations will benefit the capital area food bank. here's a look at what you can donate on the table in front of thus. usual stuff like canned vegetables, fruit, a request for canned fruit. >> and some things you may not think of, multigrain cereals and pastas. >> reporter: the food bank is looking for rice and peanut butter as well and it's not just food but hygiene products like deodorant, diapers and toothpaste are desperately needed. >> to learn more what you can donate go to and look
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you should under the extras section. we say thank you in advance and in the district the scouts will be collecting food at 14 area saferway stores in the city. get locations by visiting u.s. wusa. >> okay. up next, the latest on the health of donovan mcnabb. >> a hat trick for the caps last night at verizon center. which skater had three goals and two assists. it is 6:20 an you are watching 9 news now.
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welcome back. big range in nominees with calm winds out there. we have mid-20s where the winds are dead calm. and then you go to st. mary's county on the the water and they are 49 degrees. the day planner for today shows the dry air will warm up
6:24 am
quickly. we are at 389 now. 47 by 9:00. 57 by noon and the 5:00 temperature also 57 with highs above 60. >> our time is 6:24. in sports, the wizards try to make it two in a row tonight. >> they are hosting the 0 bobcats a the verizon center. tipoff at 7 p.m. >> and the capitals are now riding a six-game winning streak and it is pretty much thanks to sail alexander semin. he had an empty netter with 16 seconds left and two assists. caps beat the lightning 6-3. washington visits buffalo tomorrow. the redskins will be hosting the eagles on monday night and maybe, just maybe, mcnabb will get a chance to run the two-minute offense this time. he is going to practice tomorrow at redskins park, that is if his hamstrings are okay. you will remember two weeks ago he was pulled by coach shanahan for not knowing, he says any way, that two-minute drill.
6:25 am
thursday night football, baltimore visiting atlanta. 20 seconds left. falcons down by one. matt ryan hits white. 33-yard touchdown pass. the ravens lose in the final seconds 26-21. coming up, how one police department is using the nfl to catch criminals. and the cost of college, maryland's governor is talking about tuition hikes now at state schools. angie has a check on the commute. >> we are looking live at south capitol street and the suitland parkway. one smooth ride on this road to the district right now. up next at 6:30, an accident on the inner loop in virginia. we will have the details. keep it here. you are watching 9 news now.
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we're back. this is the place that you need to be this morning if you want to fly because it is gorgeous weather wise. >> reagan national airport. it is gorgeous outside. little chilly to start but things will get a heck of a lot better. >> so howard, tell us more. >> sitting outside on the weather terrace enjoying the chill in the air. has what good crisp, clean, fall feel to it. temperatures are on the cold seem side. the gloves and jackets are on and it is nippy with 20s out there. 45 by 9:00. noontime 57. 3:00, 60. so you see how quickly we will warm up and highs above that 60- degree mark. we have got clear skies overhead. that's allowed the temperatures to really drop off away from any bodies of water. charlie in catlett is 25.
6:30 am
his coldest morning of the season. 27 in reston. fairfax holding on to 4 o. mass transit 23. arlington is 36. 28 in montgomery county. and 37 andrews. angie, i have to get inside and warm up. >> come on in, get some hot cocoa. a beltway tieup on the inner loop at telegraph road to tell you about. the accident is causing drivers to lose the right lane. as a result we are seeing a backup around the wilson bridge. and moving to the realtime graphics. check on 395, the northbound trip. between edsall and seminary is where we are watching the volume build. right now not so bad. plus three minutes at the most. back to the maps. this time focus on 66, still in virginia. heading eastbound, some good news. the accident at fairfax drive is out of here. it cleared out of the way but looks delayed from 50 to 123. plus, five minutes to make it
6:31 am
through that. a look at the 66 traffic, pretty much bumper-to-bumper here. no fun here. on the outer loop in maryland, look at the graphics again. we can show you the travel times from 95 to 270. only taking ten minutes. the inner loop is taking about ten and looks like 267, 674 to the beltway a seven-minute commute that is growing. still ahead we will have a look at that inner loop tieup. back to you. we are back at 6:31. president obama is in japan this morning. it is the final stop on his four nation tour of asia. air force one touched down in tokyo, less than 30 minutes ago. president obama is traveling to yokohama. before japan the president wrapped up the g-20 summit in south korea. world leaders discuss the fragile global economy and how to get things back on track. >> here in seoul we agreed to new standards, similar to those
6:32 am
we passed in the united states to make sure the banks have the capital they need to with stand shocks and not take excessive risks that could lead to another crisis. we agreed on a approach to ensure the taxpayers are not asked to pay for future bank failures. >> reporter: the president called for more fair trade and an end to currency manipulation. >> for months we have been telling you about problems with poor recordkeeping at arlington national cemetery. they have had a trouble creating a database, wrong graves mismarked and one teenager has developed the it database on his own. he did it with the help of his mother. the site is called preseven and it focuses on those killed since the war on terror began nine years ago. type in a name. , branch of service and year of death. the database will find a location of the gravesite.
6:33 am
16-year-old ricky jillian of stafford, virginia did it with his mom over over the sum and said he was inspired because of the grave mixups. >> this way they are never a number. always people. >> ricky said he is not going to put ads on the site because he does not want to make a profit with it but he hopes to have all 400,000 graves on his site an he is looking for volunteers to make that happen. check it out for yourself, go to our
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i hope to keep it to a 3% increase if we do that we will make our state a state that's where college is more affordable rather than more expensive compared to over states. >> the board of regents will take up the issue in january. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. apparently she says we are paying in this area more in bills than any other part in the country.
6:37 am
>> that's right. aren't you glad you moved here. >> very excited. we haven't catching any breaks in the area. compared to the rest of the country our monthly bills are the highest. credit reporting agency expeerian crunched the numbers. a combination of credit card bills, car loans and mortgages and it says the average monthly bills in the area total $1,300 a month. get this 42% higher than the national average. seattle and baltimore rank second and third on the list as the highest average monthly payments. cleveland, tampa, pittsburgh had the lowest. a consumer alert, nissan recalling 500,000 vehicles in the u.s. it afcs 240,000 frontier pickup trucks and 260,000 xterra suvs. nissan says the lower steering column joint can limit steveing movement and it is recalling 14,000 sentra sedans because of a battery problem that can make it tough to start or the car stalls a low speed. no injuries or accidents have
6:38 am
been reported. toys "r" us plans to open at 10:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. it is the earliest they have kicked off the black friday door buster deals. 150 deals planned from 10:00 to 1:00. discounts 75% off. so if you don't want to take a nap or hang out with the fam go to toys r us. >> or if you are fed up with the annoying uncle. >> police in pittsburgh think they have a way to outsmart criminals. they are posing as football fans. >> the van is being used by two con stabilities. they were tired of the bad guys getting away so they bought the van. >> they sit outside of the bad guy's house, honk the horn. the bad guy comes out and a warrant is served. the constables play the steelers fight song in the van
6:39 am
to get themselveses in a good mood. >> loyalty i will tell you. it is coming up on 63 t, up next howard has a look at the great weekend forecast. if you are staying in tonight, here's what you can catch --
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. time to talk to howard. >> on this fantastic friday this is the coldest morning of the season for many right now. temperatures in the low to mid- 20s in a few areas. >> oh, wow! >> little snow flurries? >> no, nothing nearby. the skies are clear and that's one of the reasons it so cold. dry air and light winds, calm
6:44 am
winds and temperatures drop. the heat escapes up out to space and we have a cold morning. the bus stop forecast, nice thing about dry air is it warms up quickly. while it is chilly now and will be the next couple of hours and i mean 20s and 30s. 40sin the warmer spots. it will warm up decently today. clear skies and sun is up at 6:47. that's two to three minutes from now. 45 by 9:00. we will quickly get to the 40s and then the 50s and even upper 50s by noon. 57. some spots maybe 60ish by noon and by 5:00 we are coming down from highs in the low 60s to 57. might get to 65 in culpeper or manassas. one of those areas. they heat up so quickly. weather wise, we are on a roll this week. it will be nice with some changes by next week. i'm talking about a cold, chilly rain by tuesday. temperatures may not get out of the low 50s with rain by then. this morning, 38 in washington.
6:45 am
there's the 25. still down to 28 for a while in manassas. frederick 25. 20s in the shenandoah valley. hagerstown is 34. look at the difference here. petersburg and the valley 27. oakland is 43. national 38 with a north wind at six. we have wind chills this the low 30s here in town. humidity is 70%. as i said most areas have dead calm winds. nationally, we are fine on the east with high pressure but look in the middle of the country. big area of rain from texas all the way up to wisconsin right now. there's a front with that. that will get here, but not until tuesday looks like the next best chance of rain. the redskins have a game on monday night and a slight chance of a shower by then. we will worry about it over the week. tonight's friday football forecast, clear, crisp and cool, upper to mid-40s from 7:00 to 9:00 and all the action on the next three days, cool cool
6:46 am
today. nice, really nice corm, and 68 and the seven-day forecast, monday upper 50s by tuesday we are cold and damp highs in the low 50s. angie is here with the time saver traffic. >> don't want to look at this because this is ugly. 66 eastbound an accident near glebe road, just past it and it is blocking the left lane is really causing a bad jamup. that starts at 495. 15 plus minutes. a drive that takes five to seven minutes. expect extra time in the car if this is the way you need to go. to the inner loop in virginia. telegraph road, more crash activity is taking away the lanes for drivers. not so bad but a little slow around the wilson bridge. as we take you over to the maps, the outer loop in maryland doing okay from new hampshire avenue over to georgia avenue you see the yellow, though. moving it outside is where we are watching the volume build.
6:47 am
a ten-minute commute has turned to a 15-minute commute and that, my friend, is growing. we want to let you know about your travel times and let you know about 66, from 7100 to the capital beltway looks like 14 minutes and growing. the inner loop, no incidents or accidents to report. from 395 to 267 it is a 15- minute commute and 95 southbound from 216 to 495 only nine minutes. the traffic report and top traffic stories coming up at 6:58. right now the time is 6:47 and time for the friday oh my baby segment. more and more moms are thinking green these days and one way to do that is with cloth diapers. for a little cloth diaper 101 this morning i'm joined by lee anne tinker. she is with eco babies on- as a mom you found difficulty in finding cloth diaper services so you took it upon yourself to create a new
6:48 am
business and you are here to show how easy it is to do it for moms like myself. >> everyone thinks that cloth diaper will be tedious and a lot of work, especially with laundry but it involves -- it has evolved. the past 20 to 30 years. >> so cute, too. >> when my parents diapered me they only had this and now a variety of fabrics and patterns and colors and these are from hemp and these are velcro. >> i was thinking the big flintstone pins is how you put them together but these have snaps. how expensive is it, when you think of diapers expense is key and another thing is cleaning them. >> they are cheaper than disposable diapers. disposable diapers for infancy to toddler is 2 to $3,000 per
6:49 am
child and cloth diapers $600 on buying the diapers and washing them every two to three days ' the savings extends when you have multiple children. >> what are the health benefits. >> it is great for babies with sensitive skin, allergies. it is healthier, natural fibers are better for the baby's skin and definitely better than disposables. >> you are making it easier because there is a clothe diaper workshop and it is coming up. it is december 5th at 10:00 a.m. at the logan 18 aveda spa. and you can get all of the information at thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. we will toss it back to the anchors, actually it is 6:49. 38 degrees in northwest washington. we will check on the news before you head to work or school is up next.
6:50 am
good morning. the people have spoken to the tune of 5,000 votes and we are ready to announce our game of the week. it is sherando and ashburn. both schools are the top five in the division four. that's the same that will lead our coverage tonight. tune in at 11:00 for our game night report. you can vote again next week at a/ño
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a cold morning at reagan national. many in the 20s this morning. noontime 57. we will top out 60 and 5. -- and 65. here's a check on the news before you go. police are looking for two suspects in connection with a
6:54 am
murder case. it happened around 3:00 this morning near 11th and galloway streets in northeast. at point, the victim's name is not being released. an internal metro memo is warning employees to be on the lookout for two men these two men. the memo says they were acting suspiciously at the l'enfant plaza station and on the orange line. the men have not necessarily done anything wrong. more than 40 people were on a bus that caught op fire. no one was hurt. harry smith has what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up a crippled carnival cruiseship makes it back to shore as passengers share their stories of the nightmare on board. we will speak exclusively with one family that's really glad to be back on dry land. academy-award winning denzel washington will join us in the studio with a look at his new
6:55 am
film, unstoppable. good morning, anchorage, dave price is joining us live from alaska where thanks to your votes he will be starting his one week journey back to new york. a no way home volume ii. it is coming up. mike, and i can't recollect back to you. >> that will be a real challenge from anchorage. one more check of weather and traffic when 9 news now returns. ♪
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 58 on this cold friday morning. 20s and 30s in most areas. this afternoon we will warm to the low 60s. chilly tonight. football games in the 40s. a great weekend. saturday 68, sunday 66. monday night i think we will be okay with the skins game and then rain on tuesday. live from sky 9, 66 eastbound, the headache of the morning. past glebe road. crash activity taking away the right lane. stay to the right to get by. jammed to the beltway looking at 20 minutes to make it past the crash scene. 270 from germantown road to montross, no incidents but plus five minutes. in the district, the drive is moving well on most parts. we are losing the 1100 block in northeast because of a fatal shooting investigation.
6:59 am
galloway is closed between eastern and inbound new york avenue. this road is incident free. harry potter mania is back. the latest film doesn't even hit theaters for more than a week. >> harry potter an the deathly hallows made a premier in england on thursday. screaming fans caught a glimpse of daniel radcliffe, emma watson and the other stars. the stars are a little sad to see it come to an end. >> a lot of crying, a lot of tears from everybody. me, myself, and emma in particular but the crew, a lot of them have been working here for ten years so very tearful. >> right. and the movie opens in a week. there are midnight showing set up for thursday night. >> as for wall street, we are looking lower this morning we have consumer sentiment coming out. the "early show" is up next. they are talking to pa


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